LG Telephone Systems

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Solutions . . .

The IPECS Platform is, at a very basic level, simply a telephone system which is capable of providing from 5 to 600 device ports. This makes the IPECS ideal for organisations with between 5 and 500 users who have a requirement for a telephone system. IPECS has been built to be a highly cost effective, feature rich telephone system offering many features often found on much more expensive system from the likes of Cisco Systems and Mitel at a fraction of the cost. 

Service Centres

From basic direct call routing to advanced Caller ID based routing, the IPECS handles your important customer calls quickly and efficiently. Programmable hunt groups let you define how best to handle customer calls. Ring multiple phones at one time in a Ring group or set-up a basic Call Center using ACD (Automatic Call Distribution).

Multi-Branch Organisations 


Whether your need is to connect remote home office users or multiple branches, IPECS networking delivers a simple and secure solution. For the basic remote home office, simply install an IP Phone on a local network connection (with TCP/IP access to the Call Servers network, which is usually a standard Broadband internet connection) for transparent access to the IPECS Call Server.